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Caprylyl-decyl glucoside proves to be highly beneficial for the enhancement and nourishment of hair

Dec 14 , 2023

Keeping your scalp clean of oils and buildup is essential for good scalp health and overall hair appearance. Shampoos are surfactants that remove dirt, debris and oil from the hair and scalp by reducing the surface tension between oil and water.  Many shampoos use harsh sulfates, such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate to create a deep-cleaning lathering effect, but this can lead to a number of problems.

Caprylyl-decyl glucosideis uniquely formulated to produce a luxurious lather, but without the inclusion of harsh sulfates.    Sulfates can be harmful to health because they build up in the body over time, stripping natural oils from the scalp and hair strands, which can lead to dry scalp and hair.    Some sulfates are derived from petroleum.   When applied to the hair or scalp, petroleum-based products cover the strands and don't allow moisture in or out.
Caprylyl-decyl glucoside is plant-derived, not petroleum-derived, making it a safer option. As a manufacturer of Alkyl Polyglucoside, we recommend the benefits of Caprylyl-decyl glucoside:
Gently cleans scalp and hair:Caprylyl-decyl glucoside cleanses dirt and excess oil from the scalp and hair without the risk of irritation from other shampoos containing harsh sulfates.
Retains moisture: Unlike traditional sulfates, Caprylyl-decyl glucoside effectively cleanses the scalp and hair while retaining moisture by generating a good lather and rinsing well.
Does not irritate the scalp or skin: Caprylyl-decyl glucoside reduces the risk of scalp inflammation and irritation-induced hair loss due to its ability to provide a rich lather without irritating the scalp or skin, thanks to its more natural formula.
Caprylyl-decyl glucoside provides a lifting effect and is recommended for those seeking to enhance texture or volume in their hair shaft, as it exhibits superior foaming properties compared to other shampoos.
A shampoo that doesn't damage the environment: formed through the reaction of natural alcohols from coconuts with glucose.Caprylyl-decyl glucosideis considered a gentle, low-toxicity and environmentally friendly option for those who are focused on minimizing the environmental impact of their beauty routines. As a botanical ingredient, it is a sustainable alternative to traditional surfactants.

In summary:Caprylyl-decyl glucoside, a sulfate-free, plant-derived shampoo, cleans gently, retains moisture, and is environmentally friendly.

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