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The CEO of a renowned French cosmetics company is currently exploring cutting-edge solutions at Farmasino

Dec 07, 2023

Farmasino  significant collaboration with the CEO of a prominent French cosmetics company.

The collaboration focuses on advancing the realms of anti-aging and inflammation through a comprehensive exploration of the effects of L-Ergothioneine, an emerging ingredient in cosmetic formulations. This natural compound has gained recognition for its remarkable properties in addressing both anti-aging concerns and inflammation, contributing to cutting-edge advancements in the cosmetics industry.
During the collaborative sessions, the two teams delved into technical challenges associated with cosmetic formulations.The discussions ranged from troubleshooting existing formulation issues to crafting entirely new cosmetic formulas that meet the highest standards of quality.The goal was to leverage industry expertise and the latest advancements to bring innovative solutions to the forefront. These formulations are poised to set new standards in skincare and beauty, offering consumers advanced solutions backed by scientific expertise.

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