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Agricultural Applications of Alkyl Polyglucoside

Nov 03 , 2023

Alkyl polyglucoside are crafted from natural raw materials, specifically dextrose and fatty alcohol, sourced from renewable and sustainable origins.  The agricultural sector is increasingly seeking products that are gentler on the environment.  Compared to the currently employed alkoxylated emulsifiers in micro-emulsion formulations, these APG-based solutions prove to be both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.  They achieve cost savings through intelligent chemistry, optimizing the effectiveness of active ingredients while simultaneously enhancing the environmental compatibility of the formulation.

Exceptional Wetting Properties: APG unique wetting qualities enhance the effectiveness of active ingredients in pesticide formulations. They also serve as boosters for wetting and dispersing purposes.

Low Critical Micelle Concentrations: APG exhibits low critical micelle concentrations, making it effective even in low concentrations.

Low Interfacial Tensions: APG reduces interfacial tensions, particularly at interfaces between mineral oil and water, contributing to better dispersion.

Excellent Surface Tension Reduction: APG excels at reducing surface tension, which is beneficial for enhancing the coverage and adhesion of pesticide sprays.

Superior Solubility and Hydrotrope Properties: In alkaline solutions, APG 0810 demonstrates excellent solubility and acts as a hydrotrope. APG 1214 offers low CMC, excellent emulsification, and increased foaming.

Compatibility and Adjuvancy: APG exhibits high adjuvancy with both aqueous and oil-based active ingredients, improving the overall performance of the pesticide.

Tank Mix Compatibility: APG is tolerant of high-electrolyte tank mix solutions, ensuring compatibility with other additives.

Enhanced Systemic Activity: APG facilitates non-phytotoxic translocation, improving the systemic action of pesticides.

Low Irritancy: APG is gentle on the eyes and skin, causing minimal irritation.

Hydrotropic Properties and pH Stability: APG demonstrates outstanding hydrotropic properties and maintains stability across a wide range of pH conditions.

Odor-Free Formulation: APG's one-step manufacturing process excludes Butyl Glucoside, allowing for odor-free pesticide formulations without compromising the active ingredient content or foaming properties.

Environmentally Friendly: APG does not produce environmentally harmful byproducts during mineralization with water and CO2. Being solvent-free, it remains stable over extended periods.

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