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Is Lanolin Good for Your Skin?

Nov 07 , 2023

In ancient Rome, something intriguing occurred – the hands of shepherds were remarkably softer and smoother than those of affluent women. The astounding truth is that this phenomenon can be attributed to sheep.

These charming animals granted them the gift of Lanolin, a profoundly moisturizing substance. This legend led to the widespread adoption of lanolin in the beauty industry.

Remarkably, prior to the 1960s, it was rare to encounter skincare products or lotions lacking lanolin as a key component.

Now, let's delve into what lanolin is precisely. It's a viscous, oily, yellow substance naturally secreted by sheep's skin to shield themselves from harsh weather conditions. Visualize it as a protective raincoat; just as it makes a sheep's body waterproof, it ensures they don't shiver even after enduring hours in cold, rainy weather. (Feeling a tad envious now?)

But how exactly does lanolin work its magic on the skin? Recall the waterproofing abilities I mentioned earlier – it extends to us humans as well. Moisture is effectively locked within the skin, bestowing hydration and a softer, smoother texture. Furthermore, this protective barrier safeguards the skin against inclement weather, pollutants, and potential harm. Another advantage lies in its compatibility with a wide range of ingredients, enhancing its role in emulsion formation.

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