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Industrial use of Lanolin

Nov 21 , 2023

Lanolin is a natural animal fat, primarily extracted from the waste liquid generated during wool washing. It appears as a yellowish, sticky, semi-solid oil. Comprising various lanolin fatty acids and lanolin alcohols, industrially refined lanolin serves as a crucial raw material for military applications due to its special requirements. It is an essential component in rust prevention, lubrication additives, and serves as the ideal ingredient in cutting emulsion oils, maximizing the roles of lubrication, heat dissipation, and rust prevention. It finds applications in industries such as synthetic fibers, rubber, latex, and more. Additionally, it is used as an adjuvant for pesticide spraying, primarily for its adhesive properties.

In industry, lanolin is employed in the formulation of high-quality rust inhibitors, low-temperature lubricants, printing inks, fiber oil agents, leather grease agents, plasticizers, and latex defoamers, among other products. In the pharmaceutical field, it is used in the preparation of rheumatic ointments, zinc oxide ointments, and ointment bases. Commonly utilized as an oil-in-water emulsifier, it serves as an excellent moisturizing substance. It softens and restores dry or rough skin by maintaining the normal moisture content through the epidermal layer, delaying rather than completely inhibiting the passage of water.

The ester content in industrial lanolin is approximately 94%, with free alcohols at 4%, free acids at 1%, and hydrocarbons at 1%. Non-hydroxy esters account for about 60% of the total, while hydroxy esters (mainly α-hydroxy) make up around 40%. It has a flash point of 276°C and is easily soluble in ether, toluene, chloroform, acetone, and petroleum ether. It is sparingly soluble in ethanol and insoluble in water but has the ability to absorb water equivalent to twice its weight. Lanolin demonstrates chemical stability and exhibits good adhesion to metal surfaces

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