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What is Vitamin B5 Panthenol? The most complete vitamin B5 function introduction,3 minutes to understand the powerful effect of panthenol

Nov 24 , 2023

What is Vitamin B5 (Panthenol)? Why is it necessary to apply products with the moisturizing effect of Vitamin B5 to maintain hydration throughout the day? What exactly is panthenol? How do Vitamin B5 and panthenol soothe the skin, repair the skin barrier, and enhance elasticity to improve signs of skin aging?

As age increases, the skin gradually loses collagen, and external factors such as alcohol consumption, staying up late, irregular sleep, and excessive consumption of sweets can accelerate skin aging. These factors lead to a loss of support in the facial structure, resulting in sagging and other visible signs of aging, making the appearance look older. Additionally, climate changes can stimulate the skin, causing dehydration and further accelerating the loss of facial moisture.

This article will explain the importance of maintaining youthful skin, emphasizing the significance of hydration. Choosing skincare products that contain Vitamin B5 can provide comprehensive moisturizing and anti-aging effects. Vitamin B5 helps the skin retain moisture, keeping it hydrated. By selecting Vitamin B5 skincare products suitable for your skin and understanding the benefits of Vitamin B5, you can effectively combat the signs of aging.

The active form of Vitamin B5 is actually pantothenic acid, an essential molecule in the synthesis of Co-enzyme A (CoA) in the human body. Pantothenic acid contributes to the initiation of the synthesis of Co-enzyme A, which is crucial for various metabolic processes. By enhancing the synthesis of skin lipids, pantothenic acid can improve the skin barrier function, thereby aiding in the repair and improvement of damaged skin.

Panthenol, also known as Vitamin B5, Pro-vitamin B5, or dexpanthenol, is the precursor of pantothenic acid (similar to how retinol is a precursor of retinoic acid). It is a water-soluble vitamin with stable components and a small molecular weight, similar to Vitamin B3, making it easily absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin. In 2002, researchers led by Ebner discovered that panthenol can be used to treat skin damage, scars, burns, skin ulcers, and other skin conditions.

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